Tantra Essence Festival 2021 with Ma Ananda Sarita in Corfu

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Tantra Essence Festival 2021
JUNE 20 – 23, 2021 ✦ CORFU, GREECE

Our intention for the 2021 festival is to explore Tantra meditations and rituals proposed by enlightened Tantra Masters, creating a living transmission of Tantra that is as relevant now as it was in ancient times.

The Tantra Essence Festival is an invitation to come back home, to yourself, to nature and to love. It is a gathering of friends, some of whom you may have met before, and some who you will be meeting for the first time. You may have been to beautiful beaches in the past, but the beach of Arillas, Corfu carries a special magic.

Among amazing and world known Tantra Teachers from different schools we will have:
✦ Ma Ananda Sarita (Founder of Tantra Essence)
✦ Shashi Solluna & Shahid (Tao Tantra and Founders of Tantric Couple)
✦ Laurent & Laurence (Sky Dance Tantra of Margot Anand)
✦ Deva Ashik (Founder of Awakeland)
✦ Abhika (Family Constellations & Therapeutic Tantra)
✦ Nitya (Leading Faculty of Tantra Essence)

Also mind blowing and breath taking Performers:
✦ Praful (Praful Mystic)
✦ Andre Amiya (Amiya Inspiration)
✦ Modestas (Dance of Tantra)

This year we will invite you not only to different workshops, but to Tantra and Music Satsangs, Evening Concerts, Ecstatic Dances, Rituals, Ceremonies and Cuddling Lounge.

The programe easilly goes with a beach time, individual sessions & treatments, relaxation & people meeting.

Learn more & Book your tickets here – https://tantraessencefestival.com