Tantra Festival Amsterdam 2021

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♥ workshops ♥ live music ♥ party ♥ healing

** this is a possible date. We will announce it when this date can happen!

A three day immersive journey into the world of tantra. The best teachers from all over the world, with a rich choice of workshops and welcome for beginners and advanced tantrics.

What makes this festival special? The loving atmosphere, the feeling of togetherness and the good care for a safe space. This is a weekend where all of you is welcome, we are free to be ourselves and explore with one another.

We make sure you get full support by our team, the care we put into the lovely decorated temples and the special food that nurtures you fully.

Firm ground to be free and vulnerable.

Look here this video to get a glimpse of the ambience:

Three Day Festival
10, 11, 12 April 2020

Elfriede&Rakesh (Tantric Dance, Divine Union ritual)
Lars Faber (Tantric Breathwork)
Sifra & Ronald (Magic of S’xuality, systemic work)

Pravasi Ma (Shamanic activation, Shaking, Senses tantra)
Kaya Jiwan (Self Pleasure)
Jan&Caroline (Kashmir massage)

James Stevenson & Riya Sokol (Cacao Ceremony)
Sadhu&Tanya (Ritual Animal Magic)
Margot Awanata (Priestess/women work)

Jeffrey Boehme (Tantra Talk, multidimensional lovemaking)
Shahid Gerd van Helden (Mens work)

Carrie Tree
DJ Goldmund
DJ Rakesh
DJ Bravon
Love Temple
Tantric Market

+ Healers team
Mauries & Griet (de-armoring sessies)

+ Free Loving Space Support
Laura, Renske&Alexis and Remco

Full workshop schedule announced on the festival.

★ Mattress ★
For extra comfort, you can order a private mattress:

Normal ticket: €320,- incl. tax & dinner.
You will pay €100,- at the door.

Business ticket: €335,- incl. tax & invoice & dinner.
Youth ticket: €265,- incl. tax & dinner. You will pay €100,- at the door.

Earlybird: -€25,- discount for each ticket (until 1st January)
Latebird: +€25,- added to total (from 1st April)

Book now:

Can’t make it all three days?
Then join the ★ TFA PARTY ★ Saturday evening 20:00 – 1:00

Elfriede & Rakesh