2-Day Workshop with Acro Mutants

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Join us for two days of workshops with Dustin and Ashley of the Acromutants! Dustin & Ashley have been movement coaches for over 13 years, have a background in athletics and gymnastics, and are acro teacher certified through The Lift School of Acrobatics. Their home base is Nashville, Tennessee where they co-own a gym together called the Calisthenics Training Center.

Thursday, 9/12 7-9pm – Mutant Flow Workshop
Friday 9/13 7-9pm – Handstand Workshop

Cost: $40 each, $70 for both
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Mutant Flow Workshop- ​ The AcroMutants are known for their challenging but fun L-based flows that are a combination of all their favorite skills mixed together into one giant flow, or as they like to call it, mutant flow. Some of their favorite skills include: whips, pops, whops, h2h, f2h, and fun transitions between them all. This workshop will teach the breakdown and progressions of each skill, and enhance your practice by connecting multiple dynamic skills in a row.

Handstand Workshop
The handstand is a beautiful skill and a key element to higher level acrobatics. It’s also a fun skill that will keep you challenged and growing for a lifetime. This handstand workshop will have a little bit for everyone. Our first goal is to help build confidence and control away from the wall. Balancing is one of the hardest parts to figure out, but once it’s unlocked, so many more skills become accessible. Not only will we be teaching how to balance your handstand but how to train it as well. Training techniques can help you prepare for skills you don’t currently own but would like to own one day.