Acro Flight Weekend with Joshua Mauro

Event Details

Joshua Mauro from Albatross School of Flight is excited to come to New Orleans to share his knowledge of whips, pops and standing acrobatics! Join us for this two class special.

Saturday 4/13, 5:00-6:30pm- Pops and Whips
Sunday 4/14, 11:45-1:15pm- Standing and Dance Lifts

***Space is limited.***
Register and send payment by April 5th to receive a $5 credit towards both sessions.

Investment: $40 for one session or $65 for both! Venmo @Joshua-Mauro. šŸ‘‡

Joshua Mauro established his acro practice in 2015; addictively practicing 3-6 times per week. He began focusing on L-Basing, learning washing machines and creatively flowing them together. Later his obsession on pops and whips gave him more combinations to play with involving power, finesse, and control. Since 2017, he has focused on standing acrobatics. He blends his creativity from L-Basing into his standing practice. Joshua has taught at the past 2 Florida AcroShares, Trick or Train 2018, and Cinco de Acro 2017.

Flow like a rollercoaster ride by learning to combine your pops into whips and whips into pops. This workshop will show you how to propel your flyer through a fun combination of skills, using simple progressions. I will be discussing tempo, timing, and proper positioning to keep your flyer safe.

There are things that can give you wings, but I can provide a rocket! Flyers grab your jetpacks. Iā€™m going to teach your bases how to boost you into the air. In this workshop, I will be discussing proper body mechanics to prevent injuries, proper lifts and catches, and progressions towards larger and more elaborate skills.