Acro Intensive Workshop with Jon & Teenie

Event Details

Acro Intensive November 9-10th, Los Angeles
Intermediate Pops and H2H — 15 hours of instruction

Come out to LA and train with us! We are excited to offer a weekend intensive to level-up your skills and strengthen your technique. This intensive will focus on the foundations of Icarian and build towards bigger, dynamic pops. We will fine-tune your l-base hand-to-hand and then take them to standing. We will work entrances, exits, and bails. Most importantly, we will build your confidence to continue working these skills with our emphasis on safety, progressions, and spotting.

*Experience with pops (bird to throne, bird to star, plank pops)
*Hold a 10 second l-base h2h and/or hold a 10 second standing foot-to-hand
*Flyers can hold a 30 second handstand at the wall
*Proficient: jumping into reverse star, side star variations, low and extended foot-to-hand (l-basing)
**When registering, you must submit a 1-2 minute video that shows proficiency with these skills***

To Register:
*Venmo Jon or Teenie to secure your spot
*Submit your pre-req video

Early Birds (first 8 participants): $180/weekend
Regular Birds: $205/weekend

DM us if you’re wondering if this is the course for you!