Acro Workshop with Jacob Brown & Debbie Collis in Sacramento

Event Details

Hello Acrobats! Debbie Collis and Jacob Brown are coming to Sacramento May 18th and 19th to teach Washing Machines, Group Washing Machines, Trios, and Dance Lifts. This is an intermediate workshop and there are prerequisites listed for each session. We are both Acro Revolution teachers and we like to challenge our students. We like to do a little of everything at our workshops: An in depth look at the moves themselves, acro games, acro philosophy, train hard, have fun.

>Session 1: Washing Machines
>Date: May 18th
>Session Time: 2pm-5pm
>Prerequisites: High Barrel Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Ninja Stars
Must know side stars
>Description: Debbie and Jacob love teaching washing machines. Our stye is fluidity and grace. We will teach you one of our original washing machines.

>Session 2: Group Washing Machines
>Date: May 18th
>Session Time: 6pm-9pm
>Prerequisites: High Barrel Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Ninja Stars
Must know side stars
>Description: Group washing machines takes something which is already fun and adds more people. We usually teach two base, two flyer machines, but the combinations are endless.

>Session 3: Icarian
>Date: May 19th
>Session Time: 10am-1pm
Bird Pops
Throne Pops
>Description: Icarian is basically advanced popping: full release. Icarian has got to be the most amazing thing that people can do. It takes split second timing and looks beautiful and impressive. We will get you on your way to being an icarian enthusiast. We will start with fundamentals and work our way to some impressive icarian moves.
>Price: $40

>Session 4: Dance Lifts
>Date: May 19th
>Session Time: 2pm-5pm
>Prerequisites: Must be comfortable with 2 High.
>Description: Jacob and Debbie have poured through the internet and learned from many teachers to find all the best dance lifts! Dance lifts are different than standing acro because they use momentum to lift the flyer up and down in graceful movements

It is $40 for individual sessions but there is a price break if you come to all classes.

Whole Workshop Price

When you pay please tell me who you are and which sessions you are attending. Also you can ask me questions and I can help you through the payment process.



With Paypal please pay as friends and family. After paying please PM me on FB Messenger and tell me which sessions you are coming to.

If you are not on Paypal or Venmo there are some other options. If you see Sariah regularly you can pay her cash. If you like I can send you an invoice with Paypal and you can pay with a credit card.

You can pay cash at the door but we like to keep this to a minimum. Cash at the door is problematic because if many people do this then we don’t know how many people will be in our class until day off. When we know who is coming long before the workshop then we can plan a better workshop for you. You help us out a lot by paying in advance. However, if cash at the door is the only way you can come this is okay.

Refund Policy
24 hours before session 100% refund. After that no refunds.

If you want to get to know us better you can look at our website. You can see our bios, our favorite moves, a list of all the washing machines, and more.