Acrobatic Yoga in Montreuil: Flow & Whip Pop European Tour

Event Details

We warmly welcome the Sicilian artists and teachers Francesca and Luigi to treat our AcroYoga community with beautiful fluid flow and the art of whips & pops.

This year the first stop of their European tour will be Brussels to continue the following weekend in Paris. Next stops will be Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Northern Italy.

Known for their fluidity and elegant and dynamic style, they love to conduct fun workshops while giving meticulous and precious details to progress quickly and safely.

October 26, SATURDAY
– Pop your friend up:
– Pops / Icarian machines

16:30- 19:00
– Whips Training:
– Whips: pre-exercise, foundation, progressions, spotting

October 27, SUNDAY
10:00- 13:00
– Dynamic entry
– Icarian games
– Next level whips:
– Drills, variations, whips machines, superwhips !!

POP and ICARIAN GAMES: when you feel the adrenaline coming up over your hair, when you realize that something fantastic has happened, that’s an icarian game. This technique resembles the pops (minor brothers of the icarian games) except that after the launch, there is no contact between the base and the flyer. They are usually spectacular to see too.
We will teach several pops and Icarians and also a washing machine that includes an icarian, a pop and a whip … attention you may become addicted to it !!!

WHIPS are dynamic movements of advanced l-base practice! They are very beautiful to look at, stimulating to learn and exciting to perform! A whip is a very precise and fast rotary movement, but we will also teach you how to do it in a slow, fluid and safe way.
We assure you that when you are able to do it slowly without using your hands, you have the tecnique to enjoy the speed !! In order to master a whip the partners have to create and exploit the momentum! A whip is the magical result of being highly synchronized!
In this workshop we will provide you with different exercises and progressions to learn the specific base and flyer technique. Whips require advanced spotting skills, so learning how to be a Ninja spotter will be one of the points we will focus on in this class.

WASHING MACHINES: we will teach some very special washing machines that emphasize the fluidity and particular transitions. Attention! It will not lack precarious balances and rapid steps to make these hours exciting and tricky!

STANDING ACRO: in the last part of saturday workshop we will focus on some cool positions and transitions.

DYNAMIC ENTRY: in this class the key word will be dynamism!! Amazing and interesting entry you can use in performance or just to have fun looking for new balances. In some cases the dynamic entry will follow a short flow with different challenges

The Program could change according to the level of the partecipants and the energies of the the group! This is just to be sure that this event will be as fun and balanced as possible.

These workshops are designed for 2 level of practice:
Beginners level and Intermediate/advanced level.
To take part at the Intermediate group you need to have these
Side star – experiences in pops – Foot to Hand (15 sec.)
For those who are advanced in their practice it will be our pleasure to add pepper to make the practice enough exciting and challenging!
For those who do not yet have the pre-req but want to start experimenting with pops and whips we will form a beginners group and give exercises calibrated for their level in order to make everyone’s participation fun and satisfying.
These workshops are not for who have never tried acroyoga.
*** SUPER EARLY BIRD from 5th to 15st of September *** 80€!!
** Early Bird from 16th to 5th of October ** 90€ !
* Full Weekend Regular from the 5th of October 110€!*
Tickets will be available in September:
One Day pass (60€)
Three workshop pass (90€)
Limited seats.
To reserve your place you have to pay a deposit of 50 €

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