Acronfire Intensive Weekend in Dresden

Event Details

To all acronouts..!
It´s time for an urgent research mission!!
Our space explorers have come across strange fragments and sequences in orbit, which raise serious questions in the sphere of acrology! They have discovered mysterious movements like WarmWarps, WiggleWaggles, Medusas and Korkscrews, which put the seams of our leggins to a hard test. The notice of these discoveries have got highest priority..! The team of Acronfire has agreed to help for this purpose and invites to their research institut in Dresden. To find out about the backgrounds of these strange fragments, we will have to study several themes. We hope to be able to decode the magic of the acrology mysteries and return safely from space after our researches. In reason of the large circumferences of our project, there won´t be enough time to solve all issues on just one single weekend. That´s why we will split our research project into two seminar units. We will fill up two entire weekends with daring and head pestering workshops to reach our goal of exploration.
Among other things, the log includes:

– BrainTwisterWashingmachines
– Wips & Superwhips
– Pops & Icarians
– Freeflow, Acrimpro

So better arrange your seat in our StarWars-Shuttle, before we turn on the WarmWarp and disappear behind Uranus. Come with a co-pilot or by yourself, there is no partner required. Compile your own research program, depending on your time and motivtion sources and experience a gripping cheerful time with Acronfire and all the other lovely acronouts, who will fly with our shuttle.
Click on the link below to progam your research weekends and proceed to the booking!

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Who is Acronfire?
Maybe you know the names Willi & Jonas from various events like “AlleMitfliegen” in Erfurt, “Acrolotl” in Leipzig or “MaschimuschkilRetreat” in Morocco. For the first time the Acroscience Weekends will open up the opportunity to spend four wonderful intensive days with the playful acrologists and join them on their whizz through space. Learn and fly with them and experience their joyful and playful characters.
Throughout the entire event you will have the opportunity to explore, observe or jam by yourself in our ResearchYourself-Space. Our offer of levels reaches from intermediate L1 to superadvanced L3; whatever there is below or above this level you can practice in the ResaerchYourself-Space.