AcroYoga Intensive in Guadalajara with Glen & Jini

Event Details

We are specialists in hand to hand, foot to hand, dynamic standing acrobatics, smooth L-basing, and pops/icarian. We will help you base with strength and softness and fly with control and safety so that you can practice acro into your 70’s+. You do not need to be advanced for this class. This is an intermediate class. If you have some experience with L-basing and standing acrobatics, but not much, you are still welcome to come. We fully expect to have multiple levels and are adept at teaching to multiple levels simultaneously.

We will teach safe progressions for each skill so that even if you do not find full success this weekend, you will have the building blocks and knowledge necessary to practice this safely with your partner, or local group. This weekend will give you the tools you will need to take your acro higher, safely and will impact your practice for years to come.

If you are already advanced, come and support your community while learning tips to make training easier and refinements on techniques you may have been doing differently. We welcome alternative techniques, and enjoy sharing why we chose our style of partner acrobatics, which combines techniques from cheerleading, dutch acrobatics, circus acrobatics, acroyoga, and sports acrobatics. We have adjustments for same size partners, small spotters, big bases, and all body types and welcome everyone to our workshops.


Glen enjoys delighting audiences and finding creative ways to drop jaws by performing and teaching partner acrobatics all around the world. I attended Pitch Catch in 2016 and have since since traveled internationally teaching, training, and performing from the U.S to Canada, Israel, Thailand, Japan, Europe, and many places in between. Glen has over 5 years of acrobatics experience, and specializes in the partner acrobatic disciplines of hand to hand, Icarian, and AcroYoga. I am currently based in Los Angeles.

FB: Glen Acro Saunders
Instagram: @glen.acro

Jini is addicted to the Roller Coaster sensation, inversion and movement which led her to Acroyoga early in 2013. In the recent years she has been exploring more Standing and Dynamic Acro. She has attended numerous international acro events and has also assisted 3 times in Acroyoga Immersions (China and Thailand) and imparted workshops.
FB: Jini Wang
Instagram: @dschinae