Acroyoga Intensive Training in Varese

Event Details

Acro intensive weekend with Alfonso (AcroWings) & Alberto (Bet-sinlao Malabartin)Francesco and Valeria (AcroSeeds)
1-2-3 November 2019 Kabum, Varese

Intermediate/Advanced Level

Three full of days a workshop full of new tehcniques, fun and challenges. An intensive of 18h where we will experience the most exciting techniques of Acroyoga and Acrobatics:
-Handstands: we will work in two groups depending on your level of experience, who wants to work on balance and who wants to work on one hand handstand
-Hand2Hand: progressions from basic technique to original and surprising mounts and dismounts in L-basing and Standing
-Pops/Icarians: get ready to some of the most exciting tricks where the flyer really will fly
-Special Tricks: we will discover alternative positions and new flows in L-basing to help us to expand our possibilities in Acro
-Dance and Contact Flows
-Creation and Creativity: a part of the workshop will be dedicated to explore fluidity between the partners and to build sequences through movement and communication.
-Massage&Stretching: at the end of the day there will be a partner practice to recover and relax.

You will be surprised by what you are able to do in a safe and confident environment working with a proper technique.

In order to use advanced Acroyoga Techniques and work safely, it is important to have a certain degree of experience and confidence with Acro. So it is required to practice very well:
-Star&Reverse Star
-Side Star
-Handstand for 30second against the wall.

It is reccomended a bit of experience with pops and TwoHigh.

During the workshop it will be offered material adapted to the needs, level of the group and every person to make your experience stimulating and enriching.. Contact us if you have some questions about pre-requisites, level and content of the workshop.

WHERE: Spazio Kabum, Varese
WHEN: 1-2-3- November

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Francesco, Valeria, Alfonso & Alberto


Alfonso Sabaidee

A psychologist converted into an Acromonkey. Alfonso is a passionate and tireless learner of Acroyoga and Acrobatics since the first moment he discovered it. Partner Acrobatics teacher and Cofounder of AcroWings. With this project Alfonso and CĂ©line have been travelling and teaching around Europe sharing their love for Pops, Whips, Balance and Standing Acro in numerous workshops and conventions. Also working and teaching with many teachers around Europe including Alberto with who also performs all around the world.
Humour, challenges and tecnique are the pillars of his teaching practice. Let yourself be encouraged by his energy and enthusiasm to face your limits in a safe and fun environment.

Alberto (Bet-sinlao Malabartin)

Mexican, multidisciplinary artist. He started circus arts in 2002, meanwhile attends the dance school INBA for three years. He has collaborated with many performing companies in mexico. In 2008 he cames in Europe performing in the “In” and “Off” buskers festival. In the 2009 he entered in the “Centre Regional des Arts du Cirque de Lomme” in which he develops a personal thequique and artistic touch from the “Acro-Contact Partering”, with whoom he theachs actually. In Tolose in 2012 he graduated in Performing Arts at “Le Mirail” University, walking about an intensive training “To a plural actor” at the 2 l’acte Theatre. Recently he completed the Master in “Physical Theatre” at the Dimitry The, atre school in Switzerland. He’s collective creations include “Cie Likatzin” in 2005, “Hermanos Malabartinez” in 2007, “Trio Houpa Houpa” in 2011. As individual performer he creates “L’invocatione de l’esprit” in 2012, “Delire acrobatique” in 2014, “The Three surprises” in 2016 and the acrobatic duo “Comi & Naghi” in 2015.
Actually he promotes the “Immersion Invisible” project, research and creation for pubblic spaces. Actor at “Teatro dei Venti”.