AcroYoga Meets Adventure Intensive in Bend

Event Details

“Adventure is what all humans need, some humans have just forgotten or never remembered that adventure can be more than the pursuit of adventure” – Deon J. Breytenbach

Are you an acrobat who loves adventure? Or have you always been curious about the crazy adventure posts we sometimes share online?? Well this weekend is designed with YOU in mind. Oh – and there will be lots of kick-ass acro including slackro and standing and some mind benders too.

During the last Acro Mastermind Teacher Trainings in New Zealand we were able to share our biggest passions in a fun and meaningful way. Now we are takingi t to our home base: America’s adventure capital: Bend, Oregon!

Together we will explore the physical, mental and emotional edges of our acro practice and learn how to push past our perceived limits and blockages in a progressive and inspiring way. In the acrobatic realm, expect to train L basing, standing and popping. In the adventure realm get ready for two fun missions that will require you to get dirty and use teamwork skills. After we run/bike around in the forest and paddle/swim across lakes, get ready for an evening at an Olympic level recovery center complete with beer and cider on tap.

Over the weekend we promise that you will hit some mental and physical walls, but this is the place where we learn the most valuable lessons that make the biggest impressions on us and our relationships. Because ultimately, acro is all about “what WE can build and grow together”.

With over 30 years of combined acrobatics experience and a life time of outdoor missions and adventure races under their belt, Jason and Chelsey have built a life around helping people re-define their limits.


Includes one Recharge Recovery center visit, 24 hour bike rental and boat rental.
$350 before June 1st
$400 after June 1st


More deets will be coming out but below is the rough outline:
Friday: Acro – 5- 8 pm @ Tula Movement Arts
Saturday: Acro – 9- 12, Adventure- 230-6, Recharge Eve: 7-830
Sunday: 11- 6 – Acro
Monday: All day Adventure with some Acro Challenges:)