AcroYoga Sequence Weekend

Event Details

We invite you to experience this practice of connection, communication and beauty. In this Workshop you’ll flow in groups and pairs and will be shown a variety of Level 5 – 7 techniques (intermediate) which will enable you to experience the AcroYogaDance method, followed by a Beautiful Sequence. You’ll have fun, be challenged and do things you didn’t think you were capable of!


• AcroYoga Foundations

•Intermediate Flow

• Handstands & Inversions

• Foot2hand & hand2hand


• Spotting

We are super excited to welcome you to the beginning of a fun but beautiful practice and potentially a life changing experience. Please note that those who want to be specific in a flying role will need to pre-arrange a partner.


AcroYogaDance Studio,

47-49 Tanner Street

London Bridge


‘Let the beauty we love, be what we do’ Rumi