AcroYoga Weekend With Gregory McCabe In Östersund

Event Details

Join us for a weekend of Acrobatics in Östersund led by Gregory McCabe. AcroYoga brings together the elements of acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. From yoga, we take smoothness, respect for the body, calmness and flowing breath. From acrobatics, we take funky moves and upside down movements. From Thai massage, we take careful connection and a caring touch.

We will have four workshops

April 25 Saturday 09:30-12:00
April 25 Saturday 13:00-15:30
April 26 Sunday 09:30-12:00
April 26 Sunday 13:00-15:30

We will build up the level over the four workshops as we have fun. Assuming you are there from Saturday morning, then you will be fine with the gradually increasing level as we progress with new skills during the weekend. You will develop your strength, balance and ability to play with other people. Together we will help each other up into positions and down, in a safe way.

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Dates: 24th-25th April
Time: 09:30 – 15:30
Price: 1000 kr (500kr for students or unemployed) for all four workshops or 300 kr for each workshop.
Location: Böle Byskola, Böle 135, 832 93 Frösön
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– Payment details –
Swish: 1232586063
BG: 524-4371
IBAN: SE20 5000 0000 0522 6103 9107

– Frequently Asked Questions –

– Are there still places available?
Yes, to complete your registration please swish 1000:- to 1232566063 or pay as detailed above. When the course is full I will change this answer.

Also fill our your details at this form.

– Do I need to come with a partner?
You do not need to come with a partner. We work most often in groups of three and rotate groups during the class. If you have a partner great! But be ready to play with other participants too. Most people attend by themselves, a few attend as a couple, all are welcome.

– Do I need any previous experience of AcroYoga?
There will be a mix of experience levels among the participants. Any prior experience is a plus. Assuming you are coming from the first workshop on Saturday morning you do not need any previous experience. We will explain all you need to know to feel comfortable and stay safe in the air. Gradually we will raise the level.

– What language will the lessons be in?
The lessons will be taught in English as there is usually a mix of students and practically everyone can understand English. Gregory does speak Swedish.

– I am a student or unemployed and the cost is too much for me, Is there something we can do?
Yes you can message Gregory and ask for a 50% discount with your reason. He will say yes. He always does.

To complete your registration just pay as above and fill our your details at this form.
If you have questions about the workshop please
– messenger Gregory McCabe
– call/text me on 0736752091
– email [email protected]

for questions about how to get to the location or local area please ask Annika
– messenger Annika Christensson
– call text 0706599704

Where can I stay if I do not live close by?
In addition to choosing Airbnb or a hotel you may also ask the local AcroYogis if they will have space to host you for the weekend. Let us know and we can help you with that.


About the teacher:
Gregory McCabe is a level II certified Acroyoga teacher and has been practicing Acroyoga since 2010 in Stockholm. He loves sharing the experience of AcroYoga with others. He has trained under some wonderful Acroyoga teachers and brings experience from all over the world.