AcroYoga: Whips, Pops & Flows with Francesca & Luigi

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We are happy to welcome for the second time this two Italian artists and Teachers, Francesca and Luigi, who will share with us their passion for whips, pops and elegant flows!

Are you ready to enjoy a weekend full of playfulness, dynamic transitions, challenging movements and cool progressions to boost your practice?


May 15, FRIDAY

19:00 – 22:00
– Acro Trinacria Flow: we will teach an original flow with cool poses and transitions
– Pop up Your friends!!


– H2H drills and skills
– Pops / Icarian games


– Lift dance (elegant pose)
– 2 levels Whips:
Level 1: Foundations & Progressions (Front Whips)
Level 2: Super whips (Whip-pops)

May 17, SUNDAY

– Flow (Whip Around)
– Pops – Icarian games


– 2 levels Whips:
Level 1: Foundations & Progressions (Back Whips)
Level 2: Super whips (Whip-pops)

POP and ICARIAN GAMES: when you feel the adrenaline coming up over your hair, when you realize that something fantastic has happened, that’s an icarian game. This technique resembles the pops (minor brothers of the icarian games) except that after the launch, there is no contact between the base and the flyer. They are usually spectacular to see too… Be aware!! you may become addicted to it !!!

WHIPS are dynamic movements of advanced l-base practice! They are very beautiful to look at, stimulating to learn and exciting to perform! In order to master a whip the partners have to create and exploit the momentum! A whip is the magical result of being highly synchronized!
In order to learn how to whip safely, you need to have a clear compression of the movement that must be done as a base and flyer, and do it together. When all these elements are present, the sensation of whipping with ease is magical! In addition, our body learns faster of our mind if we give it repetition! For this reason we will give you different exercises and progressions that will become your tool case to use during your daily training. When we observe someone making a whip, a quick sequence in which a whip is preceded or followed by a pop or, a whip-pop, we are breathless and think: Wow! Will I be able to do it? If you want to overcome this feeling and enjoy the taste of celebrating your success step by step, come and learn the basics, progressions, variations and spotting techniques of whips!

FLOWS: we will teach an elegant flow where cool poses and dynamic transitions will be melted together with grace and fluidity. Attention! It will not lack precarious balances and rapid steps to make these hours exciting and tricky!

H2H: in this part we will focus on foundations and transitions. Depends on your energy and level we will also explore how to pop into an H2H

LIFT DANCE: We will teach some flowing dance lifts which are fun to learn, nice to see and require coordination, time and connection between partners. They add that touch of vitality to the practice.

The Program could change according to the level of the participants and the energies of the the group! This is just to be sure that this event will be as fun and balanced as possible.

These workshops are designed for 2 level of practice:
Intermediate level and Intermediate/advanced level.

Side star – Reverse Star – Foot to Hand
For those who are advanced in their practice it will be our pleasure to add pepper to make the practice enough exciting and challenging!
These workshops are not for who have never tried acro-yoga.

The material offered during the workshop will be adapted to the needs, level of the participants to make your experience stimulating and enriching. Contact us if you have any questions about pre-requisites, level and content of the workshop.

*** SUPER EARLY BIRD until the 31st of March *** 120€ !!
** Early Bird throughout April ** 135€ !
* Full Weekend Regular from the 1st of May 150€ *

Part time tickets will be available in April:
One Day pass (70€)
Three workshop pass (105€)
Single workshop ticket (40€)

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Driven by their passion for practicing and sharing, Francesca and Luigi are Acro and love Partners from Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy. They met 8 years ago and fell in love also thanks to acro-yoga. They are well-known for the elegance and fluidity of their acro flows and for organizing the amazing Sicily Acro Convention during the summer!

LUIGI is a Thai and Chinese massage (Tuinà) therapist and thanks to his passion for ancient arts he also became a Taiji Chuan teacher with more than 10 years’ experience and a Meditation teacher.

FRANCESCA is a dancer and psychologist. Francesca combines her dancing and psychology experience in combining the elegance of the classic dance movement in exploring the multiple ways of communicate emotions through the Acro Yoga flows.

In their practice, Luigi & Francesca love to create fluid and elegant flows but also enjoy the energy of speed and tempo through whips, whip-pops and Icarian games. They focus their training and teaching on small details and love to break down complicated moves with ease creating progressions to make sure success even more complex tricks. They believe that practicing Acro Yoga is a lucky opportunity to grow as human beings, to best express everyone potential and to contribute creating a community of people focused on sharing, supporting and enjoying life.
Luigi & Francesca teach with irony and joy to remind that smiling is the spice of life. They often perform, teach regular classes and organize workshops and retreats all over the world. They love to travel and to discover different cultures creating friendships and communities where a beautiful laugh never fails.