Dark Eros Intensive With John Hawken & Freya Wolna

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Dark Eros is a term to describe sexuality which is connected with our first chakra rather than with the second; sexuality that arises from existential issues rather than from pure pleasure, love and contact. The existential themes, whether they are about power (over or under), about anger and revenge, about guilt and shame, or carry issues of self worth and empowerment, colour the sexual energy with a touch of darkness. This is because the issues are usually unconscious, or perhaps obsessive, or have an energy that threatens to break out of our conscious control. This is not the element of ego, of performance or narcissism, but more the dark visceral movements of energy deep in our gut.
This workshop shows how to heal and transform these existential issues through Tantric techniques of releasing and expressing energy, of raising consciousness, creating heartfullness and affirming the life-enhancing nature of pleasure.

The existential issues arise out of the repression of our sexual energy during the pre-genital stages, particularly oral and anal, of our sexual development. When rejected, our excitement becomes collapse and resignation; when controlled it becomes guilt, fear and the feeling of being a bad person, which unconsciously links our excitement with subjection to an authority?s power, to punishment and suffering. This is particularly the case if we have been brought up in a moral or religious environment which is unaccepting of our sexual pleasure, for example the Catholic Church?s attitude to self-pleasuring as ?self-abuse?.

In our relationships we then tend to express power and control by punishing our partnerthrough the withdrawal of our love. This creates a wounding and a fear which will come back to us, as they will at one point do the same to us. This creates a slowly-widening distance between relationship partners which little by little becomes an unhealable split. Dark Eros techniques teach us to keep a relationship energetically healthy and loving by transforming anger and hurt through the conscious giving of ourselves in a physical and energetically intense way, which allows the transformation of anger into erotic contact.

John Hawken will introduce a practical and theoretical approach to transform these existential issues back into pure pleasure and life energy with powerful healing and liberating effect.

¥ Accepting and embracing the dark impulses and energies and see them with a different consciousness.
¥ Choosing to be in physical contact rather than psychological distance
¥ Calling in heart energy to reverse the movement towards contactlessness and violence.
¥ Choosing the pleasure of contact and reconciliation rather than the moral pleasure of being right.
¥ By choosing the contact and the pleasure creating love and beauty instead of violence and suffering.
¥ Realizing it is more spiritual to experience intensity in the form of pleasure instead of the form of pain and suffering.
¥ Experiencing the sexual energy as opening the gateway to sacred intimacy
¥ And finally the feeling of arriving, of coming home.

At first it may seem perverse to take pleasure openly in power or in punishment. But the perversion is in the repression and taboo that leads to the original sublimation of sexual excitement into the more socially acceptable energy forms of power or morality. As the pleasure is admitted and allowed, the violence falls away and innocence is regained.

Eros isn’t only light. This week invites us to explore sexual expression that is consciously transgressive, and to investigate the particular flavour and juiciness of forbidden fruit.
Do you feel a longing for intensity in your sexual experiences. Does guilt or shame overshadow your sexual enjoyment? Do you experience fear or paralysis when a situation turns sexual?


¥ Explore the 1st chakra sexuality ? accepting, embracing, and transforming dark impulses and energies
¥ Explore the anal phase of sexual development: ?Here I am? in the world (which can be frustrated by parental control, either violent or withdrawing).
¥ Explore your control over ?receiving? higher amounts of energy applied to the body
¥ Learn to increase your energy so as to increase your pleasure potential with more intense forms of contact
¥ Release feelings of anger and rage
¥ Heal guilt and shame regarding your sexual feelings and needs
¥ Explore your wildness in safe, playful ways
¥ Surrender to the visible flow of ecstatic sexual energy through your body

¥ This workshop is suitable for you if you:
¥ Wish to expand your erotic potential or enjoyment
¥ Feel attracted to playing with power over and power under (giving and receiving intensity)
¥ Wish to transform fear into pleasure, guilt and shame into excitement

Both guilt and shame are perverted forms of sexual excitement. This excitement robbed of its innocence and turned in against itself is a self-destructive urge that, strangely, our society finds more acceptable than positive pleasure in being alive in a sensual body.


550 EUR
1) early birds – EUR 50 discount if you make an advance payment by Sept 30, 2020
2) an additional PLN 100 discount for each additional additional person who has not previously participated in other John’s workshops.

Świeradów Zdrój 59-850, 12 Główna St

145PLN/ 2 meals a day
155PLN/3 meals a day/prs (price for food and accomodation)
+ 4PLN tourist tax/prs/day
*in EUR, depending on the exchanger rate


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