De-Armouring & Full Body Orgasm Without Touching Massage

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This course would contain 3 parts in 3 days:
Day 1: Short but powerful Tantric Massages
Day 2: De-Armouring Massage
Day 3: Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage
Day 1
Short but powerful Tantric Massages

We going to play with different intuitive, tantric massages, what we use usually at the course “All Aspects Of Love, All Aspects Of Tantra”. We will play with polarities, with mixing the energies of whole elements and chakras. In the meantime we would learn and practice of Tantric Massage, what would be great preparation for the coming days

Day 2
De-Armouring Massage
What we are going to experience during this workshop is a massage, where by your partner pressing particular points you are brought to your limits of pain and then you stay there. In this way we are getting rid of our physical pain, emotional pain and our energetic pain, what we have been carrying sometimes all our life.

From our upbringing, society, parents, teachers, religion, through life, we created protection – Armour – which was supposed to save us from the things that may hurt us. There’s nothing bad in having that armour, but unfortunately, we have it all the time. It protects us even from feeling full pleasure.

For example, some of us are still ashamed to be naked during lovemaking or to express our passion or even our voice. We are holding back our behaviours, our emotions in the areas of life where it would be most appropriate to use them.

The process of β€˜de-armouring’ can give us back the freedom of using or not using our armour, to use our protection when we want to. As with all tantric healings, it may heal us from emotional pain, liberate us from conditioning, and from bad past memories mainly connected to our sexuality, etc.

β€œI felt so light after, like on some LSD or ayahuasca trip, only this time I had everything under control because I felt being here and now like never before. I could feel much stronger all my senses but also energies around me, what before I was not even aware that they exist. It was painful to my limits, but it gave me a sense of liberation and expanding my consciousness. I feel much more myself and free now. Amazing. – Salin Β¨

Day 3
Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage is based on energetic touch that doesn’t require physical touch. Still, you may be able to bring the person to very deep full body energetic orgasm or if the body chooses to deep energetic healing. This technique is also very useful in cases when people are blocked for touch. I feel that nothing explain better than a video with me as a model for my teacher and student Flaviu Pop:

What you would learn?
– De-Armouring and De-blocking concept
– Areas and de-armouring points where are frozen emotions
– Dealing with the pain in connection with love and healing purposes
– The concept of Energetical Body and other bodies, what simultaneously we work on in Tantric Massages
– Energetical strokes
– Triggering the energy soft strokes

What you may Experience:
– Healing of your sexuality, past traumas, blockages
– Higher, longer ecstasies than you had ever before without the need for having ejaculation or even erection
– Full Body Orgasm Without Touching Massage
– Bliss, what helps you to go through life in a beautiful way
– Liberating from conditioning
– Feeling lighter
– Sharpening the senses, widening the perception
– Natural high
– Better connection with yourself and nature
– Love
– Friendship
– Connection

By who?
Michal Kali Griks – Founder of Tantra Movement
Michal dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Tantra. When he discovered Tantra fourteen years ago, it completely changed his life. He followed his heart and completed several trainings in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, including intensive study at the Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands.

For nine years, he has been sharing his vast knowledge of Tantra and passing on his enthusiasm, love and experience in his retreats. Since he started to train teachers as well, the Tantra Movement Team is growing – and so is our love through which we aspire to make the world a more beautiful and loving place. Join us on this journey!

Costs / Contribution:

Early Bird. 2 Months before Course
250 USD per person
450 USD per couple

Normal Price:
300 USD per person
530 USD per couple

Special discounts:
*When you do the whole course (4 modules) – 900 USD
*Two courses cost only 1700 USD
*When you like to go deeper to learn how to become professional masseur, assistant, practitioner, teacher, please contact us individually to get special prices.

If cost is an issue and you would really like to join, do not hesitate to find a solution with us

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