Dutch Acro Workshops Episode 6

Event Details

Bart Venne, professional of acrobatic practices will return to Rome again in November. We will have different workshops during the weekend:

Core Workshop 10am – 1pm
Advanced Workshop 2.30pm – 5.30pm

MORNING session: open to everybody. We will work on skill, like shape, connecting and weight shifting. In the end we will create beautiful figures and washing machines in L-Basing and …why not… some funny icarians!

AFTERNOON: the pre-requisite is to maintain the hand-stand against the wall for 10 seconds and the L-sit position for 10 seconds (balanced position on the hands with the legs up). Sequences of Standing Acro will be made, including Hand to Hand, Foot to Hand for intermediate and advanced students.

It is possible to access one or more workshops:
€ 40 for a Workshop
€ 60 for a day
€ 110 for 2 days
€ 95 Early Bird for 2 days by September 30th