Flow State With Millissa & Devon In Saskatoon

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with Millissa and Devon in Saskatoon

Prairie Fire Cheerleading

April 18th 10am- 5pm
April 19th 10am-5pm


Registration please email [email protected]

Devon and Millissa are excited to share The Flow State Workshop in Saskatoon! The Flow State is about getting clear with you partner, letting go of your expectations and being open to what emerges, as you dive deeper into partnerships and the practice of AcroYoga.

The Flow State Intensive is an opportunity for you to dive deep into consistent practice and progressions as we spend 2days together building.

One of our goals with offering this experience is to create versatile bases, flyers and mids that are able to do foundational skills with multiple partners. We will strive to elevate the group as a whole, because acro is not an individual practice. We truly need each other in order to learn and grow.

•Are interested in refining technique and the journey of developing a skill, which opens more doors for creative processes.
•Are willing to invest in growing the community as a whole
•Can trust in the process of intelligent progressions
We hope you will join us for this unique and intimate learning experience!

•L-Basing skills such as flow, pops, whips, Slackro, F2H/H2H
•Solo Practice, handstand, flexibility, and conditioning

Our goal is at the end of workshop everyone will have a well rounded practice with a clear understanding of how to progress and level up when ready.

You should feel good in these poses, but also be looking forward to refinement, greater range of motion, variation and entrances and exits in each pose.
•Love of AcroYoga and strong desire to train
•Side Star
•Shoulder Stand
•Star, Reverse Star,
•Ninja Star
•Barrel Roll
•Handstand practice

Questions about the pre reqs or anything else message Millissa Greenwood or Devon French and ask away!!