H2H & Icarian Advanced Immersion

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Have you imagined yourself and partners comfortably basing and flying high level standing hand to hand mounts and dismounts and effortlessly moving through complex Icarian games skills?

Join Aaron, Alex, and Andrea for a week of serious training and fun in Columbus January 18-22. We are super excited to join forces again to offer a huge level up to our July Immersion!

Get tickets NOW to SAVE! Tickets are offered on a tiered, first-come-first-served basis.

Some reasons to come:
* You’ll work through progressions to challenging and super rewarding skills in a safe and supportive environment
* You’ll learn as much about spotting as you do the skills themselves
* You’ll be in the company of like minded, fun-loving, and hard-working acrobats
* You’ll train in a well-structured training system with solid coaching from experienced teachers
* We avoid cookie cutter teaching. We offer modifications to our content on an individual basis in the form of level-ups and additional preparatory elements for each skill as needed by each student.
* Positive reinforcement and skillful communication is emphasized and trained throughout the immersion
* Mastery of the content in this immersion is encouraged to apply for 2020 Teacher Training with Aaron


* Conditioning and drills for Press handstand and Stalder Press
* Shapes and movement: Conditioning and drills for Mexican handstand, Seven, Handstand Push-ups, and more.
* Conditioning and drills to 1 arm handstand includes a variety of advanced handstand elements,

* Dive Roll
* Handstand Forward Roll
* Back Extension Roll
* Roundoff
* Front Handspring
* Back Handspring
* Front Tuck
* Back Tuck

* Conditioning for stability and further skills in Standing H2H and RH2H
* A variety of mounts and dismounts, and shapes in H2H and RH2H

* Inlocate/Relocate
* Half-locate
* Cartwheel
* Booty Pop
* Ping
* Boom Boom

* Shoot through
* Kamikaze/Reverse Kamikaze
* Front Handspring

Shapes and expressions
* Mexican
* Seven
* Knot/Reverse Knot
* Drills towards 1 arm H2H

* Spinning tempo skills in Seated, Bed, and Prone Bed
* Passage and 1/2 Salto dismounts
* Varial Flip Progression
* Cascades and Corbets
* Front Handspring (aka Castaway)
* Back Handspring (aka Martini)
* Front and Back saltos if appropriate to tumbling level
* Group passing skills

Proficiency with the content from this immersion is required to apply for 2020 Aaron Lind Acrobatics teacher training.

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January 18-22, 2020

Columbus, OH

First Tier Super Early Bird (6 tickets 8.17-9.29): $375
Second Tier Early Bird (12 tickets 9.29-10.29): $425
Third Tier Not so Early Bird (12 tickets 10.29-11.29): $475
Normal Price: $500 (11.29-event start)

Get tickets NOW to SAVE! Tickets are offered on a tiered, first-come-first-served basis.
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Prerequisite skills to attend:
* 1 minute handstand (spotted, against wall, or free)
* Cartwheel (both sides)
* Forward Roll and Back Roll
* 20 Push Ups in one set
* 1 minute plank pose
* 1 minute hollow body hold

* 1 minute L-Base Foot to Hand and Reverse Foot to Hand on straight arms
* Front Plank pop to Reverse Hand to Hand hold 10 seconds, bail out to side
* Jump to low Hand to Hand, hold 10 seconds
* Icarian: Front Plank toss to Seated, Seated toss to Front Plank, Reverse Star Overbalance toss to Seated
* Swan Dive, Back Whip from Seated and Reverse Throne

* Standing F2H, (5 squats, 5 push presses towards extension)
* Standing H2H (5 seconds, no walking)

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a full refund will be given up to 3 weeks prior to the event minus a 3.2% processing fee. No refund will be given after this period.

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Further training opportunities with Aaron:
* October 19-23 Whips, Whip Pops, Icarian, and Hand to Hand Immersion in Reno at Acro Enso with Aaron and Sarah Kat Acro
* November 8-10 Icarian Games Training in Tulsa, OK
* December 6-8 Weekend Intensive in Jacksonville, FL

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ABOUT Aaron Lind Acrobatics
Aaron is dedicated to offering uplifting, educational, and empowering acro experiences. He offers classes, workshops, weekend intensives, immersion programs, and a 200 hour apprentice teacher course for those interested in leading acrobatics classes.
Aaron’s teaching philosophy is that by progressive training and attention to detail at a fundamental level, more challenging skills become accessible, aesthetic, efficient, and safe.
Aaron’s mission is to offer a balance of discipline and play. We strive to teach structured, analytical, and method-based teaching with playful, fun, and lighthearted activities and themes.

Inclusion Policy:
Aaron is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse training environment that recognizes and values difference. He encourages a celebration of diversity in his events and promotes the philosophy that coming together in our differences makes us all richer and stronger.
Aaron respects and appreciates diversity in age, ethnicity, indigenous origin or heritage, gender, physical attributes, beliefs, language, sexual orientation, education, nationality, social background and culture or other personal characteristics.
Aaron believes that all people of all abilities have a right to experience and participate in the acrobatics. He also believes that acro offers uniquely positive avenues for building relationships among people, improving social-emotional skills, and developing creativity and important life skills.