Handstand Workshop with Kristy Grosart in NYC

Event Details

Kirsty was national gymnastics champion and a competitive coach in Scotland. A severe elbow injury ended her career as a gymnast. But, in her thirties — and now living in Canada — she rediscovered the joy of handbalancing and bodyweight fitness.
Join us at Warrior Bridge on March 7th & 8th and learn how to balance your handstand with Kristy.

MASTER THE HANDSTAND – Saturday, March 7th from 9am -12pm
Learning a handstand as an adult can be a hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. In this workshop we will focus on getting upside down (and back on your feet) safely, moving away from the wall with confidence and how to find your balance every time you kick up. This workshop is for beginner handbalancers.

We will cover:
– Wrist preparation and how to use your hands to balance
– Body positioning for handstand
– Kicking up with control
– How to spot
– How to bail
– Finding balance
– Programming for handstands

There will be lots of time for 1-1 feedback and coaching.

NEXT LEVEL HANDSTANDS – Sunday, March 8th from 9am -12pm
This workshop is for intermediate level handbalancers wanting to take their handstand skills to the next level.

We will cover some of the following (based on level and interest of participants):
– Some tips and tricks to improve your freestanding handstand
– Different handstand shapes and positions
– Different handstand entries & exits
– Press to handstand
– Handstand push-up
At the end of this workshop you will feel confident exploring your handstand safely and will have lots of new tricks up your sleeve.