Handstand Workshops

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– June 2020 : Friday 12th / Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th

Basics: Saturday 9h-12h + Sunday 10h-13h
Beginner “+”: Friday 19h-22h + Saturday 13h-16h
Inter/advanced: Saturday 17h-20h + Sunday 14h-17h

Description :
Basic Handstand – All levels:
In this workshop, I provide the participants a solid base and the tools from which they can start their handstand practice or take it to a higher level safely and efficiently. Some of the topics covered are: physical and technical preparation for handstand, correct handstand alignment, balance strategies, spotting, programing, and more…

Beginner “+” – All levels:
This group was created for students who already attended Yuval’s workshop or for students who have a little bit of basics and no fear to go upside down but still cannot hold a free handstand.

Intermediate / Advanced Only:
This workshop is intended for people who have already spent a considerable amount of time practicing handstands and can hold a solid handstand for at least 30 seconds. Some of the topics covered are: refinement of handstand alignment in different positions, presses and mounts to handstand, handstand cube integration, one arm handstand and more…. The last hour of each day will be assisted self-practice for people to work on their own personal goals.

Address :
L’Atelier, Chaussée de Forest 83, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles.

Pricing (VAT included) :
140 Euros for Handstand Basics (6h)
140 Euros for Returning (6h)
160 Euros for Intermediate/Advanced (6h)
For intermediate/Advanced only: you can take 2 levels if you wish to: Basic or Returning + Intermediate/Advanced (12h) : 270 Euros.

Refund and cancellation policy :
If cancellation
– Before 1.05: Full refund minus 30 € admin costs
– Between 1.05 and 05.06: 50% refund
– After 5.06 : No refund


✉ Questions: [email protected]