Handstands & Flex Workshops with Micah Walters

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Contortion handstand! Photo by RJ Muna. Crown by Vic Mucio.

An awesome chance to train with an excellent contortion and handstands coach! Handstands October 19th 5-7 ($50), Leg Flexibility October 20th 10:30-12 ($40) and Back Flexibility October 20th 12:30 to 2:00 ($40). Bonus! Acrobatic Core Conditioning October 20th 2:30-4 ($40).
Full Descriptions and Bio Below!

$150 for the whole weekend!
For the first 10 people that register for the handstands and flexibility workshops, get Acrobatic Core Conditioning free! $130 for the whole weekend for the first 10 to register!

We are going to limit the number of guest workshops to 3 per year, that means about one per semester, so don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Email [email protected] to register and I’ll send you a link to pay to hold your spot.

Hi, I’m Micah Walters. I am a multi-disciplinary coach and circus artist specializing in flexibility, dance and acrobatics. As a coach, I emphasize alignment by employing corrective-conditioning to help students achieve their goals and overcome their limitations. Each class is built with foundational principles with consideration for each students unique physicality. I use a conservative yet structured approach in order to make each class appropriate for the students that show up that day. As an artist, I like to weave my different movement styles together to find my own unique flow. As a coach, I like to do the same while providing safe and comprehensive lessons on anatomy and movement technique.

I am so excited to come to The Circus Academy of Tucson and offer a weekend of classes to students of all levels!

Beginning Handstands
Come learn the basics and explore the world of handstands with coach Micah. Beginning handstands is a class for all levels that focuses on foundational conditioning designed to improve alignment and technique. Students should expect to work on a variety of handstands with help from props to help modify and build confidence, strength and stamina. Special care will be taken on warm-up, injury prevention and strength training for wrists, forearms, upper arms and shoulders.

Elastic Steel: Legs
Come stretch your legs every which way with coach Micah. Elastic Steel refers to active flexibility technique, in which the student focuses on engaging any and all muscle groups the respective pose lengthens. We will focus on preparing the legs for splits with stretches that isolate each muscle group of the legs. Be prepared to stretch your hips in new and enlightening ways and be prepared to use props!

Elastic Steel: Back
Come learn new and exciting ways to safely and comfortably deepen your backbend practice with coach Micah. Elastic Steel is a name I chose for this class because it brings to mind flexibility AND strength. My approach uses active flexibility drills to help stabilize and fortify the spine while in deep extension. Even if you have experienced discomfort in your back while increasing your flexibility, this class is for you! Expect to learn some corrective exercise for your back that will be game-changing for your practice!

Acrobatic Core Discovery
Learn how to leverage your body weight to achieve acrobatic mastery. Develop your awareness and technique to leverage new levels of skill in inversions, backbends, transitions and other acrobatic movement. This class is recommended for students who are practiced in some movement art and are comfortable with dynamic movement.