Icarian Master Workshop with “Whip-Daddy” Josh Young in Pacific

Event Details

Fly high, land soft!

Take your Icarian Games to the next level with a week of intensive training in an environment designed to help you learn efficiently and train safely.

The Icarian Master Course is a comprehensive program offering the latest and greatest in Icarian Games skills. Tumbling training for flyers, throwing/catching training for bases and a whole bunch of awesome pops for everyone! Also included will be whips and whops (Whip-pops) training with “Whip-Daddy” Josh Young.

Lead Teacher, Icarian Coach: Hobs Hobotus
Whips and Whops: Josh Young
Tumbling: Laurie Borcherding (Sports Acro coaches/performers)

Sample Day
9-10am Warm Up & Tumbling
10-12pm Front Tucks & Rev Star Dives
12-1 pm – Lunch
1-3 pm – whip pops & tempo popping
3-4pm Acro Jam & Privates (20 min sessions with guided coaching)

Early Bird Cost for the week: $300 for first TEN students

*Schedule is subject to change upon teacher discretion/student requests.
**All content will be taught with appropriate tumbling/movement progressions for flyers, spotting and base technique

Comfortable with Icarian Straight throws in Plank, Seated and Sideways Plank (Bird, Throne & Bed).
Physically ready to train popping for a week (we will be conditioning and stretching throughout)
If unsure contact Hobs for teacher permission