Partner Acrobatics Intermediate Workshops

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Great base and teacher Jonathan Crane from Manchester is coming to Helsinki to share his knowledge of partner acrobatics. He specializes in standing H2H (hand to hand=handstand on bases hands) and dynamics.

We offer 2 intermediate workshops
-Standing h2h
-Beyond standing f2h

22.11. from 6 to 9pm

This workshop can be your first time trying standing H2H or if you already are able to balance it you can refine your technique. In this workshop we are covering the easiest ways into standing H2H and for those who can balance the H2H different exits. Also you get to try reverse H2H and normal H2H and get good tips to make your grip and connection even better.

Prerequisites (spotters can be there but cannot touch):
Stable standing F2H (can use a post)
20s handstand against wall
Register with a partner!

23.11. from 6 to 9pm

In this workshop we are covering drills to improve your standing f2h. We are going to teach how to throw and catch your flyer and how to fly so that you are easy to catch. We are passing the flyer so you get to throw and catch your flyer many different ways. It will be challenging and a lot of fun!

Prerequisites (spotters can be there but cannot touch):
Tempos together in reverse standing F2H without release
Register with a partner! (Flyers can bring more than 1 base)


Price: One workshop 60€ and you get 30€ discount from each
extra workshop you take. Check also Open level flips workshop!

The teachers:
Jonathan and Saila started working together this year having met at the French Acrobatics Convention.

Jonathan is a partner acrobatics base and teacher from Manchester. His specialty is H2H and dynamics. Last year he performed in his first professional 14 person show ‘Relentlessly Single’. This was performed at the Lowry in Manchester. Before taking up partner acrobatics, he has accrued experience teaching a variety of physical activities, including sailing, shooting, pole dancing and judo. He is currently in the process of finishing a PhD in Particle Physics, with plans to move into circus full time.

Saila is a circus teacher from Helsinki, Finland. She has been training partner acrobatics for over 7 years. Her specialities are partner acrobatics, icarian, acro yoga and aerial acrobatics. Before finding circus she has been training various sports like diving, synchronized swimming and volleyball. She started to teach sports in 2006 and 2016 she graduated with a Master of Sport Science major in sport pedagogy.

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Main teaching language: English