Partner Acrobatics with Jaime & Garrett

Event Details

Location: Yaw Theatre
Dates: January 17th-19th


Jaime and Garrett are coming together to teach an awesome weekend of acro

• 8:30-10:30pm All Levels AcroDance Lifts
An original acrodance flow with scaling to make it accessible to those newer in their practice, and challenging for those with more experience.

• 12:30-2:30pm All Levels Standing Acro-Tempos!
Gain some power in your up, down, UP! Make dynamic standing entrances feel and look effortless, using efficiency to power your acro.
• 3-5pm Intermediate Pops*
Come learn a flow with lots of pops-Popsicle

• 1:00-3:00pm F2H and H2H foundations*
Whether you’re new to foot-to-hand and hand-to-hand, or you’ve been doing it for a while, learn exercises to hone your technique to the next level.
• 3:30-5:30pm Open Jam!

*prerequisites: familiarity with bird, throne and star, 30 second handstand hold against a wall
If you have any questions about prereqs or session conact Garrett or Jaime

1 workshop: $35
2 workshops: $60
Full weekend: $100

Cash or Venmo: @basicbabycarrot

Instructor bios:

Garrett is a certified Partner Acrobatics teacher, in addition to completing the Lux SeattleAcro teacher training. He has developed his own practice, and trained with high level coaches to ensure that he is able to teach efficient, safe, and effective techniques to his students. With a background in physical theatre and dance, he loves finding ways to incorporate these art forms into his acro practice, creating a unique and personal style

Jaime Waliczek is a choreographer, dancer, and acrobat from Chicago. After growing up in the highly competitive world of gymnastics she moved to dancing in her 20’s and started her own nonprofit dance company, Jerboa Dance. Jaime has been teaching yoga since 2003 and loves to help students learn about their bodies and gain strength and confidence. When she found acro two and a half years ago, it was love at first star and she has been training ever since. She completed the Lux teacher training and is excited to teach with Garrett for this weekend of playshops.

We are firm believers that acro should be for everybody and every body. If for any reason you feel that you cannot afford to pay full price, message Garrett or Jaime and we’ll work out a pay what you can option.