Spring AcroYoca Camp With SuperDave & AcroEgypt In Hurgada

Event Details

With SuperDave (CA) – Hosted by AcroEgypt (EG/FR)

The number of spots is limited !!
A premier Acro Event in a premier destination in Egypt
– All levels accepted –

“We connect people from all walks of life through the practice of Acroyoga – a fusion of partner acrobatics and yoga. They are a big proponent of making movement fun and accessible to everyone.” (Acroyoga360).
“We plant seeds in Egypt because we believe in the future. Our community values are: membership and support, respect and inclusion, friendly connection, fun and safety”. (AcroEgypt).

Join the tribe for this new edition! Over the course of Acrocamp we will cover many forms of basing and flying, including L-Basing sequences and flows, gymnastics, yoga, standing acrobatics and dance sequences, trio & group poses and sequences, whips and pops, and Icarian games. There will also be opportunities for students to make special requests so that everyone is able to get what they are looking for. Outside of scheduled class times, there will be time to jam with each other and exchange ideas and skills…unless you rather enjoy the private access to the lagoon…or spend time chilling in the garden with a fresh drink ! Eitherway, you will leave Acrocamp feeling inspired to take what you have learned to your friends, companions or social circles… Also, we will provide you with some professional photography & video to keep the special memories.

Get a taste of …
-Standing flows: Get ready to take your practice to the next level, literally! You will be taking static standing poses and connecting them together to create a flow.
-Washing Machines : Looking to add a spin in your washing machine repertoire? You will be exploring fun spiny washing machines that will leave you seeing stars.
Acroyoga Pops: Pop it like it”s hot! You will be learning and refining your popping skills through a sequence of pops that will include washing machines.

Acroyoga & Acrofit
Trio and group acrobatics
Gymnastics foundations
Flows & washing machines
Whips & pops
Standing acrobatics
Handstand & hand to hand
Restorative yoga
Acro therapeutics
Aquafit® & aqua recovery
Jam time

Outfit advice for acroyoga: wear comfortable clothing which does not reveal too much anatomy when you go upside down, bend over or stretch your legs. Also avoid jewelry that can get tangled, cut skin. Closed or no pocket. Avoid wearing heavy perfumes. Hairband to tie long hair! We’ll practice barefoot

“A town like no other”. Premier holiday destination in Egypt, El Gouna is a modern resort town on Egypt’s Red Sea, near Hurghada. It’s built along the shore and on small islands, and is known for its lagoons, coral reefs and sandy beaches. Among these is long, wide Mangroovy Beach, popular with kitesurfers. Lively Abu Tig Marina is lined with restaurants and bars. In the downtown area, Tamr Henna Square has palm trees, shops and cafes with outside seating. Laying over a 36.8 km² area, Gouna has its own airport and movie festival.
More information about Gouna: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Gouna
“Our homebase haven”
Imagine a 360° panoramic views of the Red Sea and surrounding mountains. You will be acro pampered in a private villa in Gouna with, direct access to the lagoon, lovely garden, lounge and dining area overlooking the terrace and recreation area, equipped kitchen, car parking, wifi…


– SuperDave (CA) – Acroyoga360
David Ung Aka Super Dave is a full time yoga and world-class acroyoga teacher based in Vaughan, Ontario. At the age of 13 he started martial arts which fueled his passion and commitment to movement practices. He continued to develop this passion through exploring various sports into adulthood. During his undergraduate studies he majored in Human Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto – the highlight of these years was studying human potential with Dr. John Vervaeke and Dr. Jordan Peterson. Shortly after graduation he went on a spiritual quest of sorts, studying and researching spirituality in all forms, including Vipassana meditation, Taoism, Christianity, and the teachings of Abraham Hicks. He rekindled his love for movement upon discovering Yoga in 2007. In 2012 he decided he wanted to share his passion for movement and mindfulness as a yoga teacher and graduated from Yoga Tree teacher training under Jason Lu. One of the pleasant surprises during his training was being introduced to partner yoga by his colleague during lunch time. The seed was planted for what would turn into a full blown obsession for acroyoga. He has completed both the Acroyoga International and Acroyoga Montreal teacher training and also holds his own yearly training in Vaughan as the founder of Acroyoga360. When he’s not “yoga-ing or acro-ing” these days he loves experimenting with practices that pushes him outside his comfort zone like polyphasic sleep, juice fast, breath work, cold showers, travelling and engaging in conversations about human potential and extraterrestrials.
– Ashleigh Irwin (CA) – Acroyoga360
Based in Toronto, Ashleigh has been practising various styles of yoga for over 14 years. She completed her RYT 500h Yoga Teacher Training through Inspire Yoga. Ashleigh also completed a Restorative Intensive under the guidance of Judith Lasater, and a Yin Intensive with Erin Aquin from De La Sol Hamilton. Ashleigh regularly leads workshops amd special classes under the Anusara principles. This type of yoga resonates with Ashleigh and has helped her open her heart to something bigger, on and off the mat. She hopes to help everyone see potential in their true self.

– Nicolas Gallois (FR) – AcroEgypt
Phys Ed., Acroyoga and Yoga teacher based in Egypt. Keen on body movement and continuous learning, Niko has been exposed to a wide range of competitive sports throughout his path as a physical education teacher. Overtime he considered alternative fun and sustainable practices, and took a journey in yoga (hatha, raja, power, yin). This led him to train and certify as hatha yoga RYT-200h teacher under the guidance of the unconventional Randall O’Leary in Thaïland. After attending an international Acroyoga workshopt, he quickly recognized the powerful benefits of this practice on one’s physical and mental health, and naturally became sincere about it. This passion led him to meet and train with amazing communities around the world… Inspirational international teachers literally lifted him up to develop Acroyoga in Egypt, although not being Egyptian. Niko offers various classes for acroyogis from all ways of life. From beginner level to athletes, his classes are adapted to the crowd’s abilities, in a safe and wildly fun environment. Niko has allegedly been reported dancing on shaaby music twice, but the investigation is ongoing. His greatest reward will be to welcome you into the Egyptian Community !

– Hoda Wahby (EG) – AcroEgypt
Talented fashion stylist and top swimmer in her country, by definition Hoda is the beachgirl living in the city. Since her teenage, she also had a crush on Vinyasa Yoga as a great complement to the mind and body. It is known that travelling can deeply shape a person, and luckily Hoda did a lot of that! Henry Miller once wrote “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”… Years later, she was exposed to AcroYoga. This new experience left the Maadi girl intrigued yet she wasn’t really hooked until she could see it through a traveler eye: Foundation Course & Flight School in Egypt, Solar Immersion in Greece, PartnerAcro convention in Italy… And everything made suddenly sense…Aquatics meet Acrobatics! Between two fashion shoots, you now can find her playing some monkey business in the city or at the beach… Sea, surf, sun – what else can you possibly need? … Some Acro of course! Some rumors say that she is half-mermaid, but no valid proof has been brought up yet. Hoda will give you some helpful input so you can enjoy the most your acroflights, and show you ways to use water for recovery.


Early bird pricing applies until May 1st, participants save 500egp from the standard pricing. The following currencies are accepted: EGP, USD, EUR.
Advance registration and full payment deposit required to secure your places. Payment can either be made online through credit card or Fawry (+3,5% commission) or in cash to AcroEgypt (with proof of purchase).

4 packages are offered, early bird/standard investment:
a) Full Acrocamp + 3 nights Bed (8 spots) = 4999/5499 EGP or 320/355 USD … Online registration: (coming soon)
b) Full Acrocamp + 3 nights Sofa or mat (8 spots) = 3999/4499 EGP or 260/290 USD … Online registration: (coming soon)
c) Full Acrocamp without accomodation -classes only = 2999 /3490 EGP or 195 USD .. Online registration: (coming soon)
d) Day 1 pass (day 1 only) = 999 EGP or 65 USD … pay on-the-spot (limited spots)

Food and beverages after the first lunch.
Group outing in town + restaurant.

Community members get 5% off all packages.

All deposits are non-refundable within two weeks of the start date of the course… earlier than two weeks we will refund 50% of the deposit but retain a 50% booking fee. Tickets are named but transferable to another name.

Please contact @AcroEgypt or [email protected] if you have any request or question!