Standing AcroYoga Workshops with Verena

Event Details

Verena is coming to Brighton. She is one of Europes top acrobats, mainly specialized in H2H Acrobatics, Icarian and Standing Acro. She will be giving 3 open level workshops so everybody is welcome. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her amazing experience.

On the Friday we will have 2 hours of Workshop + 1 hour of guided free training where you can bring your trick.

The Workshops will involve Standing Acrobatics, Icarian, H2H fundamentals and some dynamic Acro skills like Banquine etc. The level will be adjusted to the level of the participants.

Workshop 1 Friday 6-9 Icarian Games

The session will introduce you to Icarian where flyers are being tossed into the air in l-base. We’ll go step by step and very technical and focus on all the important details. If you are already familiar with Icarian Verena can give you a challenge. 😉 If you are new to this, you should be comfortable in l-base front bird/ front blank.

Including 1 hour assisted free training, bring your own trick and Verena will help refine. (any trick, not limited to Icarian)

Workshop 2 Saturday 12:30-2:30 Dynamic Fun

Let’s start the day with some fun. We’re going to use different techniques to give the flyers some airtime, like thigh throws, double pitching, Banquine etc. Again the idea is that anyone can base. The weight will be distributed between different bases. So even if you have literally no experience with dynamics don’t worry, we will go step by step and keep it it accessible for everyone.
We may also add some easier entries into common Duo tricks.

Workshop 3 Saturday 3:30-5:30pm Standing Acrobatics Skills and H2H

The Workshop will focus on various skills that you will need in Standing Acrobatics. No matter if you’re already working on H2H or just learning it, in this Workshop we will work on H2H grip, base position and the ominous “rolling” that the flyer has to do in order to succeed with tricks like podsechka etc. We’ll see where your issues lie and fix it. But this Workshop will not exclusively focus on H2H but also on other tricks that are valuable to progress in your Acro game.

Full weekend £75
2 Workshops £60
1 Workshop £30

Please pay Alison Hadley:-
S/C 08-90-66
A/C 05152597

And email [email protected] to confirm your place and add some info about your Acro level.

or pay with PayPal here:

Friday night will be at the Ki Center 6pm – 9pm
Saturday at Stanley Deason leisure centre 12:30 – 17:30